Friday, September 10, 2010

The History Of Fine Gold Jewelry Design

Fine gold jewelry design is an art form that goes back for many centuries and is filled with  passion and heart.   The history of jewelry design is rich in cultural influences and even modern day jewelry takes its  roots from styles established centuries ago. Moreover, it  has also been relatively substantial in various factors of the society such as social status religion  and even inside the family. One of the most prominent countries when it comes to  the history of jewelry design is Italy. The power of ancient Rome is apparent in its obvious influence on Italian  jewelry.

These elegant pieces we adorn ourselves with has been very significant in the culture of the  different societies in the world. The Greeks, Asians and Egyptians all  left their indelible mark in the history of jewelry design. Their influences all these countries created  were very apparent in the different kinds of fine gold jewelries which could be found in southern Italy back  in the Etruscan period. The jewelers' processes of the 9th and 4th centuries BC are still being employed  today and allow current Italian jewelry designers to remain unparalleled in their unique designs.

One  of the most prominent 19th century Italian artisans is Pio Fortuna Castellani. The Etruscan technique for crafting gold jewelry known as  granulation was revived by Castellani and brought 19th century fame to the designer. Fine gold jewelers are, almost without exception, found to have  been infused by their craft with passion almost to the point of obsession.  These designers put the highest quality, originality and diversity into  their work.

The most prized metal in all of fine gold jewelry has been gold for many years and still is today.  It’s affinity to the color of the sun was revered by the ancients believing the  human mind, body and spirit has a strong, innate connection to gold. Coming in close second to  Italian gold is the sterling silver which many jewelers used to design and embellish any part of the  body.

Some designers' passion brings them  to devote themselves exclusively to work in sterling silver creating beautiful ornaments for every  part of the human body High quality and uniqueness keep jewelry designs from Italy without  equal. Semi-precious gemstones in rich hues add style and elegance when paired  with gold and silver assuring demand never wanes.

Designer jewelry is in high demand today and will continue to be for quite some time. Regardless of the  designs and its value, fine gold jewelries undeniably give a different kind of pleasure and pride in  the life of every human being day after day.

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