Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bumble Bee Birthday Parties For Kids

Trying to think up ideas for a kids birthday party ideas can cause a lot of stress for many parents especially if they want to do something different. You can only have so many fairy or cowboy themed parties. Time for something new. One good idea is to try a bumble bee party. Let me give you a few ideas on this.
After fixing on the date of the party you need to send out invitations. There are a couple of ways you can go about this, the first being to purchase invitations with a picture of a bee on it or if you are feeling creative, make your own. The invitations could say things such as "Have you heard the buzz it's (name of child) bee-day", or "bee there for (child's name) buzzing bee day party". To really bring the theme alive, you should ask all the kids to come in a bumble bee outfit.

If you're asking the kids to come in a bumble bee outfit, you'd better get together great costumes for your kids! If you're creative with a needle and thread, you can knock up a bumble bee costume yourself. Otherwise, it's easy to find one to buy online or at a fancy dress shop. There are some amazingly cute bumble bee costumes available for infants, toddlers, children and even adults. Whatever age your child is there is a costume available. If you want to go for a somewhat different bumble bee look, you would try a bumble bee transformers costume. If your budget is a little tight you could make headbands with antennas with yellow pom poms on the top and dress your child in yellow and black stripes.

The birthday cake is the centerpiece of any party. So, you should really get creative with it. You'll find lots of ideas online for great bumble bee cakes. One possibility is to shape the cake like a beehive and put little yellow and black bumble bees all around it. Or shape the cake like a bumble bee. Instead of one big cake you could make small bumblebee shaped cakes or cup cakes with yellow icing and little bumble bees on top.

Yellow and black balloons would look great for decorations as would steamers. Cover the table with a yellow table cloth and if you can find it, scatter some bug confetti around the table. Don't forget to have lots of finger food for the kids. And be sure to organize some exciting games for them.

I have a bumble bee costume website which you can check out to get some ideas for your costumes. Check out my bumblebee transformer costume page if that idea appeals to you.

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