Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Much to Do with So Little Time

I normally squeeze in my blogging activities on weekdays and work longer hours on weekends to devote more time for my new blogs. You might find it weird but I really wanted to prepare myself for a full time blogging and seo stint in the next few years so I can finally work from home.

Aside from that, I also wanted to make sure that I can have some rest in the next few months to finally devote our time to make a baby. At 30, this is something challenging, in my opinion, because of the usual women's bio concerns.

And with that, I am encouraged to really do this in a very systematic way. So I am looking for some more ways to make the load lighter and be more organized in my blogging activities. In the next few posts, I will not only share some contests that you can join but also some blogging improvements that I have applied to make these updates easier for me (and hopefully for you too, if you have multiple blogs like I do).

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