Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buying A Teddy

Looking for an Andean Teddy Bear or his many furry friends?
Then; With tender love and care – that's the way to buy your Teddybear.. Especially when it comes to buying something as personal as a Teddy can be. Are you a Teddy-lover looking for that special Teddy to bring home to your collection? Or maybe you are looking for a very personal gift to your kid, a grandchild or that special someone who has captured a place in your heart?
OK, I'll admit – you can find a lot of great Teddy's in the stores all around. But when it comes to finding that really personal Teddy... You have to go where the best friends are made, the place where they believe to have the softest, most cuddly best friends anywhere. Stuffed with love and stitched with care they comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.In other words; Go to a company that offers a special interactive make-your-own stuffed animal retail-entertainment experience, wich is the only global and also the leading company in it's field. Making a stuffed Teddybear (or another animal) gift is a very unique and fun experience.

You get to choose from over 30 Teddy bears, bunnies, dogs and other stuffed animal friends to make. Then, give your special Teddy a unique personality with the hundreds of Teddy bear sized outfits and Teddy bear sized accessories to choose from, too. But the fun doesn't stop there! You can make THE perfect personalized gift by adding embroidery, a sound or even a special and personal message you record. What can be more fun to receive than a special gift like that?
As a final touch; you get to make a birth certificate for your new Teddy, and you can also enter your new best friend into their Find-A-Bear ID program. If your Teddy friend is ever lost and returned to them, they can send him or her back home to you by using the information that you've provided.
If you just want to give a great gift experience, you can choose from a selection of Bear Buck$ gift card's, allowing the receiver to create their own very special Teddy friend.

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